"Just wanted to thank you for such a great
.  The deer on my property added at
20 inches the first year using the
Eagle Brand Beans.  I know next year I’ll
need to plant twice as much, since I had in
one picture 17 standing together.
I never knew a product could
pull in and
hold so many deer!!
 I harvested the largest
of the bucks the third week of bow season."
Rick S. Nashville,TN
"We can see the
results in the
antlers and
body weight of
deer that had
been feeding in
our Eagle
soybean field."
Property Manager
Brandywine Hunt Club

We have grown some
real monsters for our
area, thanks to your
beans and the
health has increased

overall as well."

Allen Z.; Powhatan, VA
These soybeans are the best food plot I've ever tried. They really pull
in the deer and keep them fed. With the deer pressure most browsed

In early August I caught a beautiful bean field (pictures attached).  
This same buck came out and fed in the bean field within feet of where
these pictures were taken.  He stood at 60 yards from my stand for
close to 5 minutes giving me a great look at him. This is the first year I
truly worked hard on our food plots and even though I know there is a
ton of luck involved,
watching deer in your plots and harvesting them
is extremely rewarding."

Tony, Northeast Iowa
"I have hundreds of game cam pictures from
our fields.  The deer started hitting the beans in
early June and as advertised they continued to
"The deer are still digging them out
from under
2 feet of snow up here!"
"I grew Large Lad
RR.  The
Lads still cut 50
bushels -- without
irrigation in a very
dry year

We counted 100
pods on one
Randy S.,  Kansas
"I've seen people buy half million dollar farms only to put in food plots that fail, resulting in failure.  If
your goal is killing big deer, then use Eagle Seed RR forage beans.
They are easy to grow and
produce an unbelievable amount of food per acre.  The deer's attraction to them borders on insane.  I
have had the biggest benefit from your growing your forage beans."       Jason S., Iowa
42 % Leaf Protein taken at Brandywine Island Club
"These beans have everything a wildlife manager is looking for.
If you are looking for a soybean that can be browsed on heavily
and still come back to produce
amazing height and loads of bean
then look no further.  It's nice when a product exceeds
expectations."  -Andy Missouri; Brad visiting Andy's food plot
Stan Potts, host of
North American Whitetail  TV.
Northern Ilinois
"Eagle Seed Company Forage
Soybeans are awesome;
the best
soybeans I've ever planted!"
"Eagle Seed produces the
best food plot seed on the
market for growing and
managing wildlife.  
I trust
all my food plots to
Eagle Seeds
Dr. Grant Woods
Photos above courtesy of Brian B, Alabama
Order now: 870-684-7377
Turkeys bugging in Eagle Forage Beans in
Missouri.  The turkeys will also eat the soybean
seed when they develop in the fall.
"September and still growing.
Thank you!" Charles, Texas
David K.  "I'm very excited and pleased, this is the first time I've
grown soybeans. You can see how the deer love my Big
Fellows. Thanks Eagle Seed."

Josh and
Kamryn, V.  
harvested a
207 inch
buck in Iowa
featured in.

Go to article
The son of
Professional Wildlife
writer and consultant,
Jason Snavely,
showing off his  
Broadside plot after it
snowed in
"Let me be clear no summer plot
can withstand the heat of South
Alabama and

the browse impact of this deer
herd and still produce the
tonnage per acre like Eagle
!!!!"  David; Alabama
"The Best Food plot I have ever

"Looking at my Eagle Seed plot in
August honestly made me chuckle
inside with delight.  I've never
seen a soybean as Drought
Tolerant as Eagle Seed beans
are.  Try Eagle seed beans and
you'll be glad you did!  Eagle Seed
beans have changed the way we
grow and hunt whitetails!!"       
Chad B., Virginia
Kentucky Growingdeer.tv
Prostaff: Doc, Norman, & Graham
Doc in Kentucky hunts over
, pictured left and Big
Fellow soybeans on the right.  
Doc uses EAGLE SEEDS Greens
and Beans system
Just thought I
would let you see
what "WE" grew
here at Licking
River Outfitters in
2017. Thanks to
Eagle Seed this
buck green scored
over 200" gross
and had 19 points.
The mass is
unbelievable on this
old bruiser. Thanks
Robin, N Kentucky
"Those beans you sent
me worked.  I was able
to take my third big
Buck of the year with
my muzzleloader.  

There have been 20-40
deer every evening in
those beans."

Jordan, Des Moines IA
December 26th, 2017
"Everyone who attended the Wisconsin QDMA field
day noticed the
height and vigor of your Eagle Forage

"Later in the fall, when everything else was killed by
several very cold nights
,   Eagle Soybeans were dark
and the preferred food source. You can bet this
years seminar will once again include your seeds!"
Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts, "I've learned
how important high quality food plots are.
consultant recommended Eagle Soybeans and
Eagle Corn
in many of my food plots to grow
great deer food for the summer and fall.  The
deer on the farm are addicted to our food plot
system and the Eagle Seed products work
Jeff Foxworthy is an avid hunter and has planted
Eagle Seed
Large Lad RR for many years.  
The Landry's of "Swamp People"
fame use
Big Fellow on their
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Steve P. Kentucky.  "I've never had so many shooters on one
farm in my life.
 And, 99% of my photos are in daylight. I have a
huge herd of deer and the beans have held up great , to the
40 deer are eating on the 3 acres and you can't even really