Buffalo Fall Blend builds soil and provides an excellent habitat for your
wildlife.  This proportioned blend was designed by Dr. Grant Woods.  Buffalo
Fall Blend contains a quick growing clover that returns more nitrogen to your
soil than other clovers.  The rye, radishes and brassicas are specifically
chosen to produce an extensive root system to charge through the toughest
hardpans and reduce soil compaction.  The buckwheat provides a quick
attractant and pulls nutrients up from the soil.  
Dr. Grant Woods,
host of
Smorgasbord contains Eagle's
varieties of protein-packed
radishes, rape seed, kale, and
collards, along with  high
tonnage Balansa Clover, quick
growing Berseem, and early
spring growing Crimson
ESCO Annual Fall Blend    quickly
and easily establishes season-long,
highly palatable forage.  This blend
contains cruciferous plants that start
growing quickly along with leafy
legumes that keep your deer
returning to your plots.  It also
returns nitrogen to your soil.
Clover Keeper is a highly preferred, high-tonnage, easy to grow perennial clover
blend.  This new product is composed of top yielding
red and white clovers from
multiple state grazing and tonnage trials.  These clovers accommodate a wide range
of soil types, temperature ranges, and soil conditions. The clovers work
synergistically, flowering and maturing at alternating times for excellent spring and
fall growth.
Top Five is the new annual clover blend containing the best annual clovers for grazing.  The
balansa clover in this blend can reach up to 3 feet in height.  The five annual clovers work
together to prolong your growing season.  The clovers have different maturities, flowering
times and tolerances to soil and weather conditions.  

These medium and large leafed clovers are highly palatable and produce excellent tonnage.

  • One 12 lb bag covers one acre - Large  
  • Available in 1/6 acre quick grab sizes - Small
  • Seeds are pre-inoculated  
  • Can be frost-seeded or planted in the fall
  • Each 12 lb bag plants one acre  
  • Available in 1/6 acre quick grab size
  • The seeds are pre-inoculated
  • Can be frost-seeded or planted in the fall
  • Contains 2 of the top most cold tolerant clovers
  • Five different maturities
The Buck Monster Wheat tillers rapidly and feeds wildlife from fall to early
This cold tolerant mixture can be planted anywhere in the
continental US
and has a wide planting window. For optimal results, use 65-70
lbs per acre.  
All these ingredients are rounded out by high tonnage Black Oats, Buck Monster Wheat, and
Rye to carry your deer into the next spring and summer.   Plant one 50 lb bag per acre.
This is a top-seller and the best value in the fall food plot market.
Hunt Master features the tastiest
large foliage Chicory on the
market.  The leaves are so tender
and palatable.  This blend is highly
attractive and very easy for deer
to digest.  We pair this with our
premium white and red clovers to
increase body weight and antler
growth in your deer.
Plant 45-60
days before your fall frost.
This blend contains a proportioned amount of 3 different types of winter annuals: Dwarf Essex, Austrian Winter
Pea, and Clover.
Plant one bag per acre, 45-60 days before fall frost.
ES Green Keeper is a highly
nutritious mixture of clovers and
alfalfa.  This long-lived plot is
drought resistant and can
survive for 3-5 years if managed
properly.  This blend is intended
for well-balanced, productive,
well-drained soil.   
This blend contains a proportioned amount of 3 different types of premium perennials: a highly palatable red and
white clover along with highly digestible, high protein alfalfa.
  Plant one bag per acre, 45-60 days before fall frost.
One bags covers an acre, but you can also add a bag of Buck Monster Forage wheat along with this blend for
greater coverage.
BROADSIDE is a highly innovative fall food plot featuring
superior plant genetics.  BROADSIDE is like a "time-release"
food plot delivering different plant species to give your plots
palatability and attraction from early fall to spring.  Soon after
planting, our highly attractive forage soybeans bring the deer to
you.  Next, forage radishes sustain your deer in the pre-rut
phase.  Later, the forage wheat provides additional protein to
keep the deer coming through rut. Then, forage turnips keep
your deer growing bigger and better into the late season.
"Planting forage soybeans in late summer provides powerful deer attraction
compared to dried up agricultural beans planted in the spring.  Another
product I tested with
great success last year is Broadside, offered by Eagle
Seeds of Arkansas.  Broadside, a mix of forage soybeans, radishes, turnips
and wheat, was developed with input from my friend Dr. Grant Woods.   A
great product like this leads to many bow-killed bucks in the season to
Tim Kocher.  BowHunting Magazine.

Mark from Connecticut: "Amazing mix, turnips are out of control, deer are
abundant, doing another acre next year.
 Weather was dry here in the
Northeast, but your mix germinated extremely well.  The deer are feeding
nicely and loving these greens, our hardwoods are void of all browse."
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Harper's Blend™ was designed by a southern wildlife
agronomist who is also an economist.  We bring you a
pocketbook friendly power duo.
      Harper’s Blend™ contains our one and only Buck
Monster® Forage Wheat and a new clover that produces
nearly double the tonnage and lasts much longer than
your neighbor’s clover.   Harper’s Blend™ is great over-
the-top or as a stand alone planting.

  • one bag covers one acre
  • plant 45-60 days before your fall frost
  • great over the top of an existing plot.
Winter Garden™ is an awesome, new brassica
blend.  The small seeded Cole crops work
synergistically. We use Top-Notch Forage Kale,
Collards, Radishes, and Turnips that you can enjoy
as much as the deer.   Just broadcast Winter
Garden™ anywhere or put in the small seed box of
your drill.

  • one bag plants one acre
  • plant 45-60 days before your fall frost