For more than forty years, EAGLE SEED has been a leader in seed research
and technology.  Our varieties are battle-tested on the toughest growing sites
and the highest yielding environments to provide the best combination of yield
and disease resistance.  We have conducted research across the United
States with numerous institutions, universities, and farm organizations.  Our
staff includes professional crop consultants, farmers and geneticists with
PhDs.  When you call us, you are able to get great advice and help right away.

With our forage breeding program, we have developed the highest tonnage,
highest protein, and most drought tolerant soybeans on the market.  We offer
the very best Roundup Ready Forage and non-Roundup Ready forage to
satisfy cow and deer herds across the United States.

We offer our award winning Roundup Ready, Dicamba, conventional, forage,
Natto, Edamame, and other specialty soybeans ranging from group 0 to 8.
That's more maturities and plant types than any other American breeding company.

Eagle Seed has the most comprehensive selection of all major seed brands for rice,
soybean, wheat, corn, oats, millet, milo, turnips, radishes, oats, rye, sunflowers, and more.  
We have multiple soybean types available from Maturity Group 0 to 8.  Just give us a call
for a quote; we ship all over the US -- 870-684-7377.  
Private land managers, foodplotters, and state wildlife departments plant Eagle
Seed Forage Soybeans.  We are the Nation's Leader in Soybean Biomass.
Our varieties provide the longest growing season, twice the plant height,
three times the leaf area
and the
highest protein....equal to alfalfa.

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Dr. Grant Woods, wildlife biologist,
meeting with Eagle Seed's
Production Manager, George.  
George has farmed for 32 years and
has been a breeding consultant for
several major ag companies.

George has been experimenting with
cover crops since the late 90s.  
George's research relates to the
economics of cover crops, as not all
plants are created equal. George
wants farmers to make the best
return on investment with b
ased on
acreage, small or large.
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About us
Brad Doyle, pictured above, is Eagle Seed
Sales Manager.  Brad has been a crop
consultant for 28 years. Brad has a
Masters in Science Agronomy and has
been President of the Arkansas Soybean
Association and currently serves on the
Board of Directors for the American
Soybean Association.

Brad has conducted research for many
universities for 18 years.
Cody Rose, left, is the newest
addition to the Eagle Seed sales
team.  He is in the National
Guard, 3rd generation military,
and enjoys growing food plots
on his own farm in Missouri.  
He is pictured here with
long-time customer Dave from
Minnesota.  Dave judges Boone
and Crockett competitions all
over the US.
Cody Doyle, above, is our Seed
Quality Manager. Cody manages
hundreds of varieties and oversees
planting, harvest, fertility and
quality assurance. Cody works with
several crop species.

Cody is a long-time food plotter and
has attended QDMA and NWTF
conventions since he was 6 years old.