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Buck MonsterTM is the exceptional forage wheat variety for
your deer and for great seed yields on your farm.   
Buck Monster
TM plants are tall, featuring large, long, and
flashy seed heads
that produce excellent quality grain for
doves or turkeys.

The Buck Monster
TM plants are incredibly winter hardy and  
have monster tillers.  The
monster tillers mean more seed
heads and ultimately more seed yield.  Buck Monster
develops a thick canopy of high quality straw.  Buck
TM performs well on many soil types.  Buck
TM has wide adaptability making it a genetically great
performer from Wisconsin to Arkansas.
Why Forage Wheat?
  • Most economical fall food plot
  • Hardier, higher quality cereal
  • Monster Tillers
  • Higher Seed yield
  • Performs well from WI to AR
  • Emerges fast
  • Higher in protein
  • Much better winter hardiness than oats
  • Deer will eat the seed kernels
  • The original throw and grow style plot
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Buck MonsterTM Forage Wheat
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