Range Master features highly palatable and delicious leaves.  
Range Master
Forage Wheat has excellent winter hardiness,
tillers very well and is a low maintenance crop.  
Range Master is
also awnless and capable of yielding up to 11 tons of food per
acre with better drought and flood resistance than other small

   Your animals can
Graze it in the Fall and again in the Spring.  
Or, you can harvest it for SILAGE or HAY.  Kansas State
University recommends planting 2.5 to 3 bushels per acre from
late August to Mid-October for SILAGE or GRAZING.  The
University of Virginia recommends your soil be above 5.5 pH.  
Range Master is wonderful to plant after corn or soybeans.  
Planting earlier may help you capture Nitrogen from a previous
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Why Forage Wheat?
  • Most economical fall food plot
  • Hardier, higher quality cereal
  • Monster Tillers
  • Higher Seed yield
  • Performs well from WI to AR
  • Emerges fast
  • Higher in protein
  • Much better winter hardiness than oats
  • Deer will eat the seed kernels
  • The original throw and grow style plot