BROADSIDE® is a highly innovative fall food plot featuring
superior plant genetics.  BROADSIDE
® is like a "time-release"
food plot delivering different plant species to give your plots
palatability and attraction from early fall to spring.  Soon after
planting, our highly attractive forage soybeans bring the deer to
you.  Next, forage radishes sustain your deer in the pre-rut
phase.  Later, the forage wheat provides additional protein to
keep the deer coming through rut. Then, forage turnips keep
your deer growing bigger and better into the late season.
Copyright and photo credit Tim Kocher.
"Planting forage soybeans in late summer provides powerful deer attraction compared to dried up agricultural beans
planted in the spring.  Another product I tested with
great success last year is Broadside®, offered by Eagle Seeds of
Arkansas.  Broadside
®, a mix of forage soybeans, radishes, turnips and wheat, was developed with input from my
friend Dr. Grant Woods.   A great product like this leads to many bow-killed bucks in the season to come."  
Kocher.  BowHunting Magazine.

Mark from Conneticut: "Amazing mix, turnips are out of control, deer are abundant, doing another acre next year.  
Weather was dry here in the Northeast, but your mix germinated extremely well.  The deer are feeding nicely and
loving these greens, our hardwoods are void of all browse."
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