For forty years, we have been a leader in seed research and
technology.  We have conducted research across the
United States with numerous institutions, universities, and
farm organizations.
With our forage breeding program, we have developed the
highest tonnage, highest protein, and most drought tolerant
soybeans on the market.  We offer the very best Roundup
Ready Forage and non-Roundup Ready forage to satisfy
cow and deer herds across the United States.
We have our own award winning Roundup Ready,
conventional, forage, Natto, Edamame, and other specialty
soybeans ranging from group 0 to 8.  
Our varieties are battle-tested on the toughest growing
sites and the highest yielding environments to provide the
best combination of yield and disease resistance.

We also have the most comprehensive selection of all major seed brands for rice, soybean, wheat, corn, oats, millet, milo,
turnips, radishes, oats, rye, sunflowers, and more.  We have multiple soybean types available from Maturity Group 0 to 8.  
Just give us a call for a quote; we ship all over the US -- 870-684-7377.  
Private land managers, foodplotters,
and state wildlife departments plant
Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans.  We
are the Nation's Leader in Soybean
 Our varieties provide the
longest growing season, twice the
plant height, three times the leaf area
and the highest
protein....equal to alfalfa.

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Eagle Seed's Goal is to supply you with the best
Forage Products.  
These are our Breeding Objectives:
Use of Exotic Germplasm for Better Stress Tolerance
Incorporation of the Most Current Genetic Traits
Greatest Biomass Available
Best Browsing Tolerance
Greatest Soybean Height Advantage
Latest Maturing Forage Soybean
Glyphosate Herbicide Tolerant
Largest Soybean Leaf Area
Superior Drought Tolerance
Excellent Disease Resistance
Best Palatability
University Proven
Highest Seed Quality Available
Ease of Management
Quicker Canopy
Aggressive Branching
Excellent Seedling Vigor
High Protein
Widest Planting Window Available
Adaptable to Various Row Spacings
Resistance to Lodging and Shattering
Adaptable to Multiple Soil Types
Develop Area Specific Game Manager's Food Plots
Excellent Cover for Deer Habitat
Longest Green Period
Highest Feed Value and Total Digestible Nutrients
Develop Niche Varieties for Acidic/Basic Soil Types
Assist International Breeding Programs
Eagle Seed is one of the few
independent breeding, testing,
and development companies in
the United States.

We test in the most stressful
and ideal environments.  Eagle
Seed varieties are capable of
withstanding difficult
environments whereas
traditional soybeans are bred
to be put in ideal conditions
only.  Heavy animal browsing
is one of the research topics
Grant and George checking a Broadside plot.
Brad showing tonnage advantage of BuckMonster Wheat plot