Use this blend if your goal is
limits of greenheads and good
times with friends.  We use this
blend to out-wit wily birds with
our calls and watch a good
retriever bring back well-shot
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Give Yourself the Advantage:

Bring in ducks and geese all season long.
Make it easy to hide your duck blind, use our easy
to grow blend.  We coupled our exceptionally tall,
long-grain rice with our great seed yielding medium
grain rice, buckwheat, and two strains of millet that
produce food in alternating periods to

Both varieties of rice are produced in the Mississippi
Flyway right next to the
World Famous Claypool
, seen in the Million Mallard photo and on
ABC's Wide World of Sports
to order
Waterfowl KeeperTM
Born to Keep Wild
Every spring, plant Eagle Seed Waterfowl KeeperTM around your
ponds to hide your hunters and dogs from overhead view.  You will
love Waterfowl Keeper
TM growing around your blinds, feeding your
ducks, and bringing birds back year after year.
Waterfowl Keeper TM