Here's how the "Beans and Greens" systemTM works:

In the fall, you'll plant Winter Keeper Forage OatsTM Buck Monster Forage
TM Broadside Fall Blend, ESCO Fall BlendTM, or Eagle Seed Buffalo Fall BlendTM
into your standing
Eagle Seed Roundup Ready Forage Soybeans and you'll
get a
full year of high tonnage and protein forage.

Deer love to forage on Winter Keeper'sTM tender blades.  Turkeys, dove, and
enjoy eating the showy seed heads produced throughout the spring and
summer months. And when you are ready for your spring plot, just apply a
burndown herbicide and drill your Eagle Seed Forage Soybeans right through it.
Picture:  Deer palatability test plot with
hundreds of commercial small grain
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Plant in the fall
over standing  
forage soybean

to complete the four
seasons and provide

green year-round
Farm it... Graze it ... It Works.TM
Eagle Seed's Black OatTM has
excellent tillers and a root mass
similar to cereal rye.  The extra
tillering provides more stalks
and more leaves to feed your
hungry herd.  This variety stays
greener longer providing your
deer with more food in the early
spring when food is scarce.
Eagle Seed's Black OatTM has higher biomass than most other cereal grains and can produce more
food than other oats even in a thinner stand.  
Eagle Seed's Black OatTM is taller and has wider
blades than most other oats.  All oats prefer well drained soil.  In Northern or droughty regions of
the US, always choose
Eagle Seed's Buck Monster WheatTM over any available oat variety for cold
tolerance and security from winter-kill.
Winter KeeperTM oat has medium to fine stems and big leaves.  It is so
easy to grow because it is drought tolerant, needing only 10 or more
inches of rain fall per year.  
Winter Keepertm is very tolerant of Barley
Yellow Dwarf virus and tolerates rust.

Winter Keepertm is a great forage feed for cattle and horses.  It can be
double-cropped and harvested 3 weeks to a month before wheat or other
cereal grains.
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