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Improved Plant Height,
Branching, Seed Yield, and
Growing Points to Withstand
More Browsing and Deer
Improved Leaf Area and
Quality: 3 Times Bigger
Leaves Provide 2-3 Times
More Food Per Acre.

Dr. Woods says, "Deer want the leaf
surface tissue because it is the best, most
digestible tissue with higher rates of good
quality forage to stem."
Learn How Eagle Seed Makes Big Bucks Happen in 5 Easy Steps...
Improved Plant Protein
Due to Larger Leaf Area,
More Seed Protein, and
Superior Plant Selection to
Attract Bigger, Better Deer.
Using Both Earlier and
Longer Maturing, Drought
Tolerant Plants that Stay
Green Well into Hunting
Season to Keep Deer on
Your Property for as Long as
Possible.  We Can Maximize
Seed Yield for your Area with
More Choices Than Any
Other Company.
Glyphosate Tolerant
Plants Keep Your
Plot Weed Free.  
This gives you the
highest return per
acre in food plot
yield and protein  --  
Lots of Seed and
Lots of Forage.
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